Size Chart - Jackets

Size Chart – Jackets

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Short sizes are one (1) inch shorter than regural sizes (body and sleeves).
Long sizes are one (1) longer than regular sizes (body and sleeves).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Short and Long sizes are not returnable/refundable.

Height / Size 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
5’4″162cm               S  
5’8″172cm         R        
6’2″187cm   L              
Long Regular Short

How to measure yourself for jacket ordering.

Please let us have the following 5 measurements before you order.

1. Your Height
2. Your Weight
3. Your Chest circumference (wearing a t-shirt only).

Use a measuring tape and measure around your chest (at nipples level).

4. Your Waist circumference (at belly button level).

5. Your Lower Waist circumference (at belt level).

6. Your Shoulder circumference

With the arms relaxed and down at the side, measure around the shoulders just above the biceps. (Don’t take this measurement yourself, ask somebody else to help you so that you have both your arms down at the sides during measurement).

Perry 16175

Perry Sportswear Inc. - Contract/Order No: W535ac 27618 42-16175P

Perry 16175


Perry Sportswear Inc. of Newburgh NY was a leather jacket manufacturer who supplied A-2 jackets to the US Army under 3 contracts. Perry like Rough Wear kept the collar stand in all their designs for the entire period. They made their jackets using goatskin and also horsehide in either russet or seal colors.

The Perry A-2 jacket design is athletic, comfortable and compliments the wearer. It has wide shoulders and it is one of the longest jackets from all the contracts we offer.

Some of the characteristics of the Perry pattern are the unique stitching style where the pocket flap top stitching and the collar top stitching are both done at ¼ inch from the edge and of course the absence of triangular stitch reinforcement at the base of the zipper. The majority of their jackets were sewn with a dull purple brown color thread which we offer as standard for this contract.

The jacket on display is an original. Photos of our product will be uploaded soon.

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Short (S) and Long (L) sizes not returnable/refundable.

Size Guidance – How to Measure
Please specify the desired jacket measurements: Pit to pit, Shoulders, Back, Sleeve

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