Size Chart - Jackets

Size Chart – Jackets

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Short sizes are one (1) inch shorter than regural sizes (body and sleeves).
Long sizes are one (1) longer than regular sizes (body and sleeves).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Short and Long sizes are not returnable/refundable.

Height / Size 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
5’4″162cm               S  
5’8″172cm         R        
6’2″187cm   L              
Long Regular Short

How to measure yourself for jacket ordering.

Please let us have the following 5 measurements before you order.

1. Your Height
2. Your Weight
3. Your Chest circumference (wearing a t-shirt only).

Use a measuring tape and measure around your chest (at nipples level).

4. Your Waist circumference (at belly button level).

5. Your Lower Waist circumference (at belt level).

6. Your Shoulder circumference

With the arms relaxed and down at the side, measure around the shoulders just above the biceps. (Don’t take this measurement yourself, ask somebody else to help you so that you have both your arms down at the sides during measurement).

The Holy Grail jacket


The Holy Grail jacket


This is the longest awaited jacket reproduction of the series. It surely was for us more of an odyssey rather than a crusade to create it. Three film used jackets were examined in order to draw its patterns. Some construction details were observed from a first jacket that was shortly exhibited at the National Museum in Cardiff and previously on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The measurements and other details were taken from a second jacket that appeared in the Hollywood Costume Exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum and can be found in the archives of the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. The color matching was done from a third jacket, of which the whereabouts are not to be disclosed, with use of the Pantone® color system. Thanks to our “top men” scattered around the globe we were able to obtain from those 3 jackets all the right details we needed to construct a super screen accurate jacket.

The research to source the correct materials and collect all the above details to meticulously recreate the patterns was exhaustive and lasted more than 2 years. The custom made leather to match the screen used in color, weight and drape and designed to distress in the same way, took several unsuccessful attempts to make and many months of waiting…

Finally, we are proud to present, two versions of the legendary jacket. The first is the same with the one that appears, for example, in the "Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky" scene (see chapter Close Call) and we call it the Chicago jacket and the second is the same as seen in the “Dad, we're well out of range” scene (see chapter Approaching the Canyon) and we named it the DC jacket.

The main difference of the two versions we offer is the position of the collar in relation to the storm flap and the color of the side strap D rings. Another difference found was that in the Chicago jacket the right pocket is placed higher than the left but we decided not to include this in our reproduction as it was more of a hasty craftsmanship error than a feature of the pattern, (which already has off-center pockets).

Our reproduction includes new deadstock FIOCCHI snaps, in the correct color and size, correct color YKK zipper, and high quality lining in the correct dark brown almost black color. Finally, the side strap D rings are available in the correct colors for their corresponding jackets, i.e. bronze for the Chicago jacket and antique steel for the Washington DC jacket.

So, it seems you have just found your Holy Grail jacket twice, and this time it can pass beyond the Great Seal.

Note: The prototype jacket depicted here has been made with a brighter brown color thread. The production jackets will be made with a darker brown thread to be true to the original.

Find your size

Find your size
Short (S) and Long (L) sizes not returnable/refundable.

Size Guidance – How to Measure
Please specify the desired jacket measurements: Pit to pit, Shoulders, Back, Sleeve

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