Bill Kelso MFG – Terms of Sale

1. Customer Service Working Hours. Our customer service works during office hours from Monday to Friday. Replies to customers’ email messages during the weekend should not be expected.

2. Shipping. Our standard lead time is around 4-6 weeks. However, this is subject to change depending on transit times and other factors beyond our control. Delivery times may affected by shortage of materials required to construct your jacket. Our jackets are made out of a large variety of very carefully selected high quality materials of which it has proven to be very hard to maintain full inventory at all times. Also many of the materials used are custom made exclusively for us and as such we are at the mercy of our suppliers who take unknown amounts of time to procure our orders. As such, in extreme cases delivery may exceed 6 months. Also, we have only one artisan making the jackets (they are very hard to find) and here you pay for high quality, not speed. At Bill Kelso, we always endeavor to complete your jacket as soon as possible.

Please note all delivery estimates are current and given in good faith and without guarantee, all going well and unforeseen circumstances, such as war, act of war, civil war or hostilities, revolution, rebellion, civil commotion, warlike operations, terrorists acts, strikes, lockouts, blockades, stoppages, natural disasters, plagues, epidemics, pandemics, quarantine, lockdowns, and other factors constituting force majeure, always excepted. In case there is a delay, further to what we have advised, we apologize in advance and kindly request your patience to let us finish our work. We strive to deliver high quality jackets and quality sometimes requires some extra time. Please let us have it, we are anyway faster than most. We remind you, our jackets are 100% hand made products of the highest standards in the world. They are pure works of art. If you cannot wait patiently for us to deliver your jacket, then you are requested NOT to order. By ordering you accept these terms and consequently you are not entitled to complain for late delivery. What you can do is ask for a new delivery estimate which we will be happy to provide.

Once you have placed an order, the order, is confirmed with a unique order code number that you will receive by email. If you like to refer to your order in any correspondence, please use your name, email, paypal email, order code number and date of order.

You should be aware that delivery outside EU may result in import duties payable on receipt of the goods. As the customer is the only one liable for these duties, to assist you, we will always ship in a discreet package and will not include an invoice in the package. The invoice can be sent to you by email, or later by post if you so wish. Also, the parcel will be sent to you marked as a low value gift.

Validity of the shipping address: By making a purchase the customer agrees that the only address valid for delivery purposes will be the shipping address provided by the customer during checkout as shown in the PayPal transaction, provided that the transaction was handled by PayPal. We will only ship to the customer’s address which is registered with PayPal. In case you want your item delivered to a different address make sure to register it with PayPal BEFORE you make your purchase and select that address when ordering.

Shipping and handling cost to North America and Asia GBP 59, shipping and handling cost to Europe GBP 35.

3. Prices. The price shown for the goods excludes shipping and handling cost. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Incoterms 2010 Carriage Paid To (CPT) to apply.

4. Returns:  Before returning anything please let us know first so that we can give you the correct return address. Items such as caps, belts and shoes for which sizing is specific and straightforward will not be accepted for return/exchange/refund due size reasons as same are manufactured upon customer ordering them and hence are to be considered custom/hand made to order items.

5. Replacement or Refund. Currently, we will only be able to take returns only on jackets that were made incorrectly. If you are not satisfied with our goods for reason of inaccuracy or defect in the manufacture, they can be replaced, or alternative a full money refund (less Shipping & Handling) will be made, provided that they are shipped back within 7 calendar days from the date that the customer received the goods, that they are UNWORN (except for trying on purposes of course) and in the same condition as when sent. (Exposure to cigarette smoke, perfume or any other odor will be regarded as worn). An allegedly faulty jacket or one made with erroneous measurements must be returned to the manufacturer to be checked so that the defect, if any, is verified and confirmed. Once the defect is verified by the manufacturer the customer is entitled to replacement or refund.

Returns of jackets for size reasons will not be accepted. Since each of our jackets is custom made, it’s important that the customer knows, understands and approves the measurements of the jacket he ordered before it is made. We exercise due diligence to ensure our customers make an educated decision and with all info at hand regarding size before we begin construction of the jacket. We give customers all the measurements and full fitting guidance in advance so after the measurements have been checked and approved by the customers any responsibility for sizing errors lies with the customer. Before making any claims for erroneous measurements please always check the agreed tolerances (see clause 11 below). If there is a dispute over the measurements, i.e. the customer claims that the jacket was made with incorrect measurements, the manufacturer, after the jacket has been returned to its premises,  shall provide photographic evidence from measuring the jacket, and same evidence to be considered final.

If a jacket is returned for reason of allegedly having a defect or being made incorrectly, then all expenses (shipping cost, customs charges etc.) that will incur as a result of it being returned, to be for the manufacturers account, provided that the jacket is checked after return and it is confirmed that it was made erroneously. Otherwise, if checked, measured and found in good order and in accordance with the ordered measurements, within the agreed tolerances, then all the expenses related to its return as well as shipping it back to customer after being returned and inspected to be for the customer’s account.

  • Please e-mail us ( before you return the goods, telling us that you are returning the goods and why.

Your refund will be effected within about 7 working days after our receipt of the returned goods. This time is required because this is how long our bank needs to process electronic payments. Returned products are subject to a restocking fee of 10%.

Please note jackets that are customized in anyway (e.g. thread color, lining color) or personalized with insignia, are Long or Short size, or have a special fitting, are non-returnable/refundable. All refund amounts will be minus Paypal Refund Fees, if any.

IMPORTANT. Outside EU customers: When returning goods, please make sure you also use discreet packaging and describe the goods on the form as “clothes”, tick the box “gift” and value “US$ 40.00”. Please contact us and you will be given the return address to send including detailed shipping instructions.

In case of failure to follow our shipping instructions the package may be refused as unacceptable and therefore returned to sender, with any cost incurred being for the sender’s account. Please contact us first if you have any queries about this.

6. Order cancellation. Order cancellations for any reason are accepted within working 3 days from the date of purchase, since no work has begun, and customers are entitled to a full refund. After 3 working days have passed from the date of ordering cancellation for any reason is still possible and subject to a 10% order cancellation fee applicable as compensation for the canceled contract work and any preparation work that has been done thus far. In case the jacket is completed at the time the request for cancellation was received then cancellation is not possible and the jacket will ship to customer as scheduled. If the jacket is cut or semi-completed at the time of cancellation request then cancellation would still be possible but refund will be limited to 50% of the purchase price.

7. Colors. Not all leather colors may be available at the time of your order. The color of goods may vary from that shown on the website due to limitations of browser software and monitors.

8. Leathers. We use natural leathers and not heavily processed or artificial leathers. As a result, the appearance of leather may vary within the same jacket. This is by no means a defect of the leather or the jacket. We make our jackets with leathers that include the grainy and wrinkled parts according to requests by the vast majority of our customers who want their jackets to resemble vintage originals. While we strive to make all jackets like that to satisfy all our customers that is not always possible as the grainy and wrinkled parts come in limited amounts. As such we cannot guarantee that your jacket will have grainy or wrinkled parts. If a customer wants his jacket to be made exclusively with smooth leathers, that may be possible, but it will be his responsibility to specify it; otherwise no claims for this reason will be accepted.

By choosing a specific leather for your jacket you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the respective leather’s qualities as stated in the leather descriptions found in the “Our Leathers” section of our website.

9. Insignia. We can provide any patch design the customer likes. Due to the great number of patches in existence only a few are listed to choose from. If the customer wants a patch which does not appear on our site he should select “custom” and email us an image of the desired patch with his instructions . Please note the Group and Squadron patches are offered in hand painted format with the exception of the 23rd Fighter Group patch which is also available in multi-layer leather format. The Shoulder patches, except the AAF Decal, are offered in multi-layer leather. Patches are not sold separately.

Furthermore, please note the emblems in our site appear in their original (official) form as depicted in the military manuals of the era. Our artist will design, always at his discretion, the most commonly used and widely regarded as best looking artwork for each emblem.

10. Sizes. We offer Regular (R) sizes as standard. We can also provide (S) Short and (L)Long sizes. The Short will be 1 inch shorter than Regular in the body and sleeves and the Long will be 1 inch longer than Regular in the body and sleeves. Short and Long sizes are priced the same as Regular. For jackets longer than 1 inch an extra cost may apply. Please note Short and Long sizes, are non-returnable/refundable.

11. Measurements. When ordering it is the customer’s responsibility to always ask for the measurements of the jacket he is ordering. We will send you the jacket measurements to check and approve. Please do not rely on measurements you heard from others or read somewhere online. Only the measurements you hear from the manufacturer are the correct. By omitting to ask for the jacket measurements the customer waives his right to return the jacket for replacement or refund.

When a customer orders a Regular size jacket we will provide its measurements for his acceptance/confirmation. Only after the customer confirms the measurements are OK for him we will process his order. In case the customer has accepted the measurements and when receives his jacket it does not fit him, then he is not entitled to replacement or refund as he was fully aware of and has approved the measurements before the jacket was made. Therefore, for the avoidance of any problems we strongly suggest customers to be extra careful before they approve any measurements.

If unsure how to take their body measurements or to check if the jacket measurements are suitable customers should refer to our size guidance found in the “Sizing Chart” section of our website.

If a customer has placed an order after having heard from us the jacket measurements then his action of ordering equals to acceptance and approval of the measurements. If a customer requests a jacket to be made according to (jacket) measurements he is providing then it is his responsibility to make sure that the measurements given to us are correct. If a jacket is made according to the customer’s given jacket measurements and it doesn’t fit then it is the customer’s fault and responsibility.

The final jacket measurements of standard size or custom size jackets may sometimes have small variances that do not affect jacket fit. For clarification please note that if a jacket’s measurements are not as specified but fall within the tolerances as provided in the military specification MIL-J-8279 (i.e. breast +/- 3/4, back +3/8 -5/8, sleeve +/- 1/2, shoulders +/- 1/2) then the jacket passes inspection and is considered to be in compliance with the customer’s order. If a jacket is made according to the customer’s provided measurements, within the agreed tolerances, and it does not fit then it is the customer’s fault and responsibility. Alternatively, the customer can provide his body measurements and we can advise what size to buy, or what measurements he should order if he wants custom size. We can give size guidance to assist a customer to order a custom size jacket that will fit him, but we can give no assurances that the jacket will fit the way the customer wants.

12. Customizations. Customizations of any kind are usually possible, unless advised otherwise, and will incur an extra cost of GBP 50. If what you are ordering requires that we make modifications to the existing pattern, or make a new pattern, this will incur an extra charge of GBP 100.

Customized jackets are not returnable/refundable, so please double check the measurements and be very careful what you ask for.

13. Altering your order. After an order is placed, the time allowed to make amendments to the size or other specifications is 3 calendar days maximum. After that NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED AND NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

14. Confidentiality. All confidential information, including credit card details, is held secretly and only processed via PayPal. Customer payment details do not reach us. Other customer details are held confidential and not passed to any third parties. All email and information exchanges with customers and eventual order, as long as post-ordering email and information exchange, TO BE KEPT STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL.

15. English Law to apply.

By purchasing our products you officially accept the above terms.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us, ( we will be pleased to help you.