Vintage Leather Jacket Archives

This is a project that took long time to develop, i.e. to gather up photos of original vintage jackets from various sources and post them here as reference so that our loyal customers to be able to choose which jacket style they would like us to custom-make for them. Our experienced staff can design and recreate any of the vintage jackets shown hereunder accurately and with the usual attention to detail which we are very well known for worldwide. If you want a reproduction of a vintage jacket not shown here please feel free to contact us.

The jackets offered will be made under our house label and will have a dark brown cotton lining as standard, with the exception of some Motorcycle jackets which will have quilted lining as per original. Other options are available from our “Linings” section at an extra cost as always. The knits, zipper, buttons and hardware to be used will be in the maker’s option but always vintage style.

The thread to be used will match the color of the jacket unless otherwise requested. The only medium weight leather offered for this line is Liberty horsehide. Where the original jacket pictured was made in a different leather e.g. suede, capeskin or lambskin we can offer those as alternatives, please ask.

The jackets produced under this line will be high quality replicas of the original jackets you see here and reproduced as accurately as possible. The customer will receive a well executed jacket without any issues (and not a “very first sample”; we do not put our label neither on poorly executed jackets nor on very first samples).

More jacket styles will be added later so please visit us regularly. We hope your every visit will be inspirational.



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