Size Chart - CWU-36/P

CWU-36/P jacket size specification

SIZE Length Chest width
Shoulder width
Sleeve length
XS 60 cm 55 cm 49 cm 59 cm
S 62 cm 57 cm 53 cm 60 cm
M 64 cm 61 cm 55 cm 61 cm
L 66 cm 61 cm 55 cm 62 cm
XL 68 cm 63 cm 57 cm 64 cm
XXL 70 cm 65 cm 59 cm 66 cm

How to measure yourself for jacket ordering.

Please let us have the following 5 measurements before you order.

1. Your Height
2. Your Weight
3. Your Chest circumference (wearing a t-shirt only).

Use a measuring tape and measure around your chest (at nipples level).

4. Your Waist circumference (at belly button level).

5. Your Lower Waist circumference (at belt level).

6. Your Shoulder circumference

With the arms relaxed and down at the side, measure around the shoulders just above the biceps. (Don’t take this measurement yourself, ask somebody else to help you so that you have both your arms down at the sides during measurement).





In stock

This jacket was adopted by the military in the early 1970s as a light, summer weight jacket for aviators and continues to be in use today.

The design is a single breasted jacket with lining and a bias-cut back. It features a straight center opening with a slide fastener closure and also a cigarette and pencil pocket on the left sleeve with two front patch pockets that have envelope storm flaps. The knitted wristlets on the sleeves and the knitted waistband complete the look.

The military specification requires the jacket to be fabricated with "Cloth, Twill, Aramid" which is a high temperature resistant material. Our replica is made with nylon twill fabric which, while does not have fire resistant qualities, visually resembles the previous versions of the CWU-36/P jacket when they used to make it with a shiny polyamide material as opposed to the current dull cotton-like material.

We offer the jacket patched with accurate VX-31, USN Fighter Weapons School, and American flag patches as well as with velcro mounted leather nametag with US Naval Aviator Top Gun wings in the name of Capt Pete Mitchell, i.e. the name of Tom Cruise's character in the film "TOP GUN: Maverick".

Manufactured in Japan, ships from ROC. 

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